The ultimate lighting guide for your entire house

Entrance hall and stairs

The hall is a very versatile area and can take lots of layers of lighting.

Add a console table and lamps to create warm welcoming feeling, adding a mirror above the console and behind the lamps will bounce light and warmth around.

Go for a statement ceiling light for the hall and stairs it’s the perfect place to add a wow factor but make sure you chose something with enough light as this are will need to be well lit.


Living Room

A combination of lighting in the living room will give you an overall desired effect. Use a combination of overhead or wall lighting mixed with table floor and task lamps. Uplighters are also a great way of lighting dark corners and giving the room a cosy warm feeling when combined all together.


Dining Room

Create an ambient setting for your dinner guests by using lamps around the room or wall lights on a dimmer switch. This will allow for brighter lighting before and after guests for better light while setting up or clearing away.

A centrally aligned statement ceiling fitment over the dining table will finish the look off and add that extra bit of light directly over the table for eating.



A place to relax and unwind, why not use some statement oversized bedside lamps combine with a show stopping ceiling light to finish the overall look of this room.



The Kitchen is the hub of the home and is always the busiest room. Lots of light is needed in here and spots are the most popular option with many being led and low cost to run.

Create a more subtle lighting effect with under counter and plinth lighting.



Safe and functional lighting doesn’t mean it needed be stylish, beautiful wall lighting for a relaxing bath accompanied by ceiling lighting for when more light is required.

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