Choosing the right fireplace for your home

How hot?

First thing to think about when looking for your new stove is what heat output will be best for the size room you would like to install it in. To do this measure the rooms height x width x length in metres then divide by 14, this will give you the suitable amount of kW to raise the temperature by approximately 20 degrees. Stoves are around 80% efficient and a relatively inexpensive was to heat your home.


How’s your Chimney?

When opening up an existing chimney you will need to have it swept to make sure it is clear and free from any blockages such as soot and tar build ups which increase the risk of chimney fires. We would recommend having your chimney swept at least once a year possibly twice if you use your stove a lot.


No Chimney?

No problem, having a Stove frees up your options on where you can fit your new stove. By installing a twin wall insulated flue it can go out through the wall or Straight up the outside of the house.


Call in the experts

Having your new stove fitted will need to be carried out by a HEATAS registered engineer to strict standards. HEATAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approval System) this is the official government-recognised body for solid fuel heating.


Which Stove?

Time to choose your perfect stove, the choice is vast when it comes to deciding which is best for you and your home, talking to Sidmouth Design is the place to start, we will discuss the area where the stove is to be installed, and offer advice on the options for hearth, surround, frame and/or mantel to compliment your interior. We will also be able to provide the best specialist advice, covering factors such as building regulations, heat output and flueing systems.

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